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"""LSTM projection cell with cell clip and projection clip."""
__all__ = ['LSTMPCellWithClip']

from mxnet.gluon.contrib.rnn import LSTMPCell

[docs]class LSTMPCellWithClip(LSTMPCell): r"""Long-Short Term Memory Projected (LSTMP) network cell with cell clip and projection clip. Each call computes the following function: .. math:: \DeclareMathOperator{\sigmoid}{sigmoid} \begin{array}{ll} i_t = \sigmoid(W_{ii} x_t + b_{ii} + W_{ri} r_{(t-1)} + b_{ri}) \\ f_t = \sigmoid(W_{if} x_t + b_{if} + W_{rf} r_{(t-1)} + b_{rf}) \\ g_t = \tanh(W_{ig} x_t + b_{ig} + W_{rc} r_{(t-1)} + b_{rg}) \\ o_t = \sigmoid(W_{io} x_t + b_{io} + W_{ro} r_{(t-1)} + b_{ro}) \\ c_t = c_{\text{clip}}(f_t * c_{(t-1)} + i_t * g_t) \\ h_t = o_t * \tanh(c_t) \\ r_t = p_{\text{clip}}(W_{hr} h_t) \end{array} where :math:`c_{\text{clip}}` is the cell clip applied on the next cell; :math:`r_t` is the projected recurrent activation at time `t`, :math:`p_{\text{clip}}` means apply projection clip on he projected output. math:`h_t` is the hidden state at time `t`, :math:`c_t` is the cell state at time `t`, :math:`x_t` is the input at time `t`, and :math:`i_t`, :math:`f_t`, :math:`g_t`, :math:`o_t` are the input, forget, cell, and out gates, respectively. Parameters ---------- hidden_size : int Number of units in cell state symbol. projection_size : int Number of units in output symbol. i2h_weight_initializer : str or Initializer Initializer for the input weights matrix, used for the linear transformation of the inputs. h2h_weight_initializer : str or Initializer Initializer for the recurrent weights matrix, used for the linear transformation of the hidden state. h2r_weight_initializer : str or Initializer Initializer for the projection weights matrix, used for the linear transformation of the recurrent state. i2h_bias_initializer : str or Initializer, default 'lstmbias' Initializer for the bias vector. By default, bias for the forget gate is initialized to 1 while all other biases are initialized to zero. h2h_bias_initializer : str or Initializer Initializer for the bias vector. prefix : str Prefix for name of `Block`s (and name of weight if params is `None`). params : Parameter or None Container for weight sharing between cells. Created if `None`. cell_clip : float Clip cell state between `[-cell_clip, cell_clip]` in LSTMPCellWithClip cell projection_clip : float Clip projection between `[-projection_clip, projection_clip]` in LSTMPCellWithClip cell """ def __init__(self, hidden_size, projection_size, i2h_weight_initializer=None, h2h_weight_initializer=None, h2r_weight_initializer=None, i2h_bias_initializer='zeros', h2h_bias_initializer='zeros', input_size=0, cell_clip=None, projection_clip=None, prefix=None, params=None): super(LSTMPCellWithClip, self).__init__(hidden_size, projection_size, i2h_weight_initializer, h2h_weight_initializer, h2r_weight_initializer, i2h_bias_initializer, h2h_bias_initializer, input_size, prefix=prefix, params=params) self._cell_clip = cell_clip self._projection_clip = projection_clip # pylint: disable= arguments-differ
[docs] def hybrid_forward(self, F, inputs, states, i2h_weight, h2h_weight, h2r_weight, i2h_bias, h2h_bias): r"""Hybrid forward computation for Long-Short Term Memory Projected network cell with cell clip and projection clip. Parameters ---------- inputs : input tensor with shape `(batch_size, input_size)`. states : a list of two initial recurrent state tensors, with shape `(batch_size, projection_size)` and `(batch_size, hidden_size)` respectively. Returns -------- out : output tensor with shape `(batch_size, num_hidden)`. next_states : a list of two output recurrent state tensors. Each has the same shape as `states`. """ prefix = 't%d_'%self._counter i2h = F.FullyConnected(data=inputs, weight=i2h_weight, bias=i2h_bias, num_hidden=self._hidden_size*4, name=prefix+'i2h') h2h = F.FullyConnected(data=states[0], weight=h2h_weight, bias=h2h_bias, num_hidden=self._hidden_size*4, name=prefix+'h2h') gates = i2h + h2h slice_gates = F.SliceChannel(gates, num_outputs=4, name=prefix+'slice') in_gate = F.Activation(slice_gates[0], act_type='sigmoid', name=prefix+'i') forget_gate = F.Activation(slice_gates[1], act_type='sigmoid', name=prefix+'f') in_transform = F.Activation(slice_gates[2], act_type='tanh', name=prefix+'c') out_gate = F.Activation(slice_gates[3], act_type='sigmoid', name=prefix+'o') next_c = F._internal._plus(forget_gate * states[1], in_gate * in_transform, name=prefix+'state') if self._cell_clip is not None: next_c = next_c.clip(-self._cell_clip, self._cell_clip) hidden = F._internal._mul(out_gate, F.Activation(next_c, act_type='tanh'), name=prefix+'hidden') next_r = F.FullyConnected(data=hidden, num_hidden=self._projection_size, weight=h2r_weight, no_bias=True, name=prefix+'out') if self._projection_clip is not None: next_r = next_r.clip(-self._projection_clip, self._projection_clip) return next_r, [next_r, next_c]