Representation Learning

Using Pre-trained Word Embeddingsword_embedding.html

Basics on how to use word embedding with vocab in GluonNLP and apply it on word similarity and analogy problems.

Word Embeddings Training and Evaluationword_embedding_training.html

Learn how to train fastText and word2vec embeddings on your own dataset, and determine embedding quality through intrinsic evaluation.

Extracting Sentence Features with Pre-trained ELMo../sentence_embedding/elmo_sentence_representation.html

See how to use GluonNLP’s model API to automatically download the pre-trained ELMo model from NAACL2018 best paper, and extract features with it.

Fine-tuning Pre-trained BERT Models../sentence_embedding/bert.html

See how to use GluonNLP to fine-tune a sentence pair classification model with pre-trained BERT parameters.