Model Zoo

Word Embeddingword_embeddings/index.html

Mapping words to vectors.

Language Modelinglanguage_model/index.html

Learning the distribution and representation of sequences of words.

Machine Translationmachine_translation/index.html

From “Hello” to “Bonjour”.

Text Classificationtext_classification/index.html

Categorizing documents.

Sentiment Analysissentiment_analysis/index.html

Classifying polarity of emotions and opinions.


Dependency parsing.

Natural Language Inferencenatural_language_inference/index.html

Determining if the premise semantically entails the hypothesis.

Text Generationtext_generation/index.html

Generating text from language models.


Transferring pre-trained language representations to language understanding tasks.

Named Entity Recognitionner/index.html

Locating and classifying named entity mentioned in unstructured texts.

Intent Classification and Slot Labelingintent_cls_slot_labeling/index.html

Predicting the intent of the query and extracting semantic concepts in the query.

Model Conversionmodel_zoo/conversion_tools/index.html

Converting NLP models from other frameworks to GluonNLP.