Named Entity Recognition

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Reference: Devlin, Jacob, et al. “Bert: Pre-training of deep bidirectional transformers for language understanding.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.04805 (2018).

Named Entity Recognition with BERT

GluonNLP provides training and prediction script for named entity recognition models.

The training script for NER requires the seqeval package:

$ pip install seqeval --user

Dataset should be formatted in CoNLL-2003 shared task format. Assuming data files are located in ${DATA_DIR}, below command trains BERT model for named entity recognition, and saves model artifacts to ${MODEL_DIR} with large_bert prefix in file names (assuming ${MODEL_DIR} exists):

$ python \
    --train-path ${DATA_DIR}/train.txt \
    --dev-path ${DATA_DIR}/dev.txt \
    --test-path ${DATA_DIR}/test.txt \
    --gpu 0 --learning-rate 1e-5 --dropout-prob 0.1 --num-epochs 100 --batch-size 8 \
    --optimizer bertadam --bert-model bert_24_1024_16 \
    --save-checkpoint-prefix ${MODEL_DIR}/large_bert --seed 13531

This achieves Test F1 from 91.5 to 92.2 (log).