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# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
# or more contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file
# distributed with this work for additional information
# regarding copyright ownership.  The ASF licenses this file
# to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
# "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
# with the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
# software distributed under the License is distributed on an
# KIND, either express or implied.  See the License for the
# specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.

# pylint: disable=wildcard-import
"""This module includes common utilities such as data readers and counter."""

import os

from . import (batchify, candidate_sampler, conll, corpora, dataloader,
               dataset, question_answering, registry, sampler, sentiment,
               stream, super_glue, transforms, translation, utils,
               word_embedding_evaluation, intent_slot, glue, datasetloader,
               classification, baidu_ernie_data, bert, xlnet)
from .candidate_sampler import *
from .conll import *
from .glue import *
from .super_glue import *
from .corpora import *
from .dataloader import *
from .dataset import *
from .question_answering import *
from .registry import *
from .sampler import *
from .sentiment import *
from .stream import *
from .transforms import *
from .translation import *
from .utils import *
from .utils import _load_pretrained_sentencepiece_tokenizer
from .word_embedding_evaluation import *
from .intent_slot import *
from .datasetloader import *
from .classification import *
from .baidu_ernie_data import *
from .bert import *
from .xlnet import *
from ..base import get_home_dir

__all__ = (['batchify', 'get_tokenizer'] + utils.__all__ + transforms.__all__
           + sampler.__all__ + dataset.__all__ + corpora.__all__ + sentiment.__all__
           + word_embedding_evaluation.__all__ + stream.__all__ + conll.__all__
           + translation.__all__ + registry.__all__ + question_answering.__all__
           + dataloader.__all__ + candidate_sampler.__all__ + intent_slot.__all__
           + glue.__all__ + super_glue.__all__ + classification.__all__
           + baidu_ernie_data.__all__ + datasetloader.__all__
           + bert.__all__ + xlnet.__all__)  # pytype: disable=attribute-error

[docs]def get_tokenizer(model_name, dataset_name, vocab=None, root=os.path.join(get_home_dir(), 'data'), **kwargs): """Returns a pre-defined tokenizer by name. Parameters ---------- model_name : str Options include 'bert_24_1024_16', 'bert_12_768_12', 'roberta_12_768_12', 'roberta_24_1024_16' and 'ernie_12_768_12' dataset_name : str The supported datasets for model_name of either bert_24_1024_16 and bert_12_768_12 are 'book_corpus_wiki_en_cased', 'book_corpus_wiki_en_uncased'. For model_name bert_12_768_12 'wiki_cn_cased', 'wiki_multilingual_uncased', 'wiki_multilingual_cased', 'scibert_scivocab_uncased', 'scibert_scivocab_cased', 'scibert_basevocab_uncased','scibert_basevocab_cased', 'biobert_v1.0_pmc', 'biobert_v1.0_pubmed', 'biobert_v1.0_pubmed_pmc', 'biobert_v1.1_pubmed', 'clinicalbert', 'kobert_news_wiki_ko_cased' are supported. For model_name roberta_12_768_12 and roberta_24_1024_16 'openwebtext_ccnews_stories_books_cased' is supported. For model_name ernie_12_768_12 'baidu_ernie_uncased'. is additionally supported. vocab : gluonnlp.vocab.BERTVocab or None, default None Vocabulary for the dataset. Must be provided if tokenizer is based on vocab. root : str, default '$MXNET_HOME/models' with MXNET_HOME defaults to '~/.mxnet' Location for keeping the model parameters. Returns ------- or or Examples -------- >>> model_name = 'bert_12_768_12' >>> dataset_name = 'book_corpus_wiki_en_uncased' >>> _, vocab = gluonnlp.model.get_model(model_name, ... dataset_name=dataset_name, ... pretrained=False, root='./model') -etc- >>> tokenizer =, dataset_name, vocab) >>> tokenizer('Habit is second nature.') ['habit', 'is', 'second', 'nature', '.'] """ model_name, dataset_name = model_name.lower(), dataset_name.lower() model_dataset_name = '_'.join([model_name, dataset_name]) model_dataset_names = {'roberta_12_768_12_openwebtext_ccnews_stories_books_cased': [GPT2BPETokenizer, {'lower': False}], 'roberta_24_1024_16_openwebtext_ccnews_stories_books_cased': [GPT2BPETokenizer, {'lower': False}], 'bert_12_768_12_book_corpus_wiki_en_cased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': False}], 'bert_12_768_12_book_corpus_wiki_en_uncased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': True}], 'bert_12_768_12_openwebtext_book_corpus_wiki_en_uncased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': True}], 'bert_12_768_12_wiki_multilingual_uncased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': False}], 'bert_12_768_12_wiki_multilingual_cased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': True}], 'bert_12_768_12_wiki_cn_cased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': False}], 'bert_24_1024_16_book_corpus_wiki_en_cased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': False}], 'bert_24_1024_16_book_corpus_wiki_en_uncased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': True}], 'bert_12_768_12_scibert_scivocab_uncased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': True}], 'bert_12_768_12_scibert_scivocab_cased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': False}], 'bert_12_768_12_scibert_basevocab_uncased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': True}], 'bert_12_768_12_scibert_basevocab_cased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': False}], 'bert_12_768_12_biobert_v1.0_pmc_cased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': False}], 'bert_12_768_12_biobert_v1.0_pubmed_cased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': False}], 'bert_12_768_12_biobert_v1.0_pubmed_pmc_cased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': False}], 'bert_12_768_12_biobert_v1.1_pubmed_cased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': False}], 'bert_12_768_12_clinicalbert_uncased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': True}], 'bert_12_768_12_kobert_news_wiki_ko_cased': [_load_pretrained_sentencepiece_tokenizer, {'num_best': 0, 'alpha':1.0}], 'ernie_12_768_12_baidu_ernie_uncased': [BERTTokenizer, {'lower': True}]} if model_dataset_name not in model_dataset_names: raise ValueError( 'Model name %s is not supported. Available options are\n\t%s'%( model_dataset_name, '\n\t'.join(sorted(model_dataset_names.keys())))) tokenizer_cls, extra_args = model_dataset_names[model_dataset_name] kwargs = {**extra_args, **kwargs} if tokenizer_cls is BERTTokenizer: assert vocab is not None, 'Must specify vocab if loading BERTTokenizer' return tokenizer_cls(vocab, **kwargs) elif tokenizer_cls is GPT2BPETokenizer: return tokenizer_cls(root=root) elif tokenizer_cls is _load_pretrained_sentencepiece_tokenizer: return tokenizer_cls(dataset_name, root, **kwargs) else: raise ValueError('Could not get any matched tokenizer interface.')